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You can submit annual financial statements, business disclosures, or judicially relevant announcements, or capital market information for publication here.

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You can submit micro companies' annual financial statements for deposit at the Federal Gazette here.


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Use our online help regarding the deposit check. Check here if a publication or deposit is possible for your annual statement.



  • New XBRL taxonomy for annual financial statements

    01.04.2019 – For users of the "XBRL taxonomy for annual financial statements" the new version 6.2 of the HGB taxonomy is now available. more

  • New XML schema for Capital Market Information in the Company Register

    30.10.2018 – We would like to inform the users of the “XML schema for Capital Market Information (CMI) in the Company register” that a new version of the XSD file and the corresponding documentary as well as a new XML example file for Notification of Major Holdings (starting 30/10/2018) are available. more

  • Schema for Judicial Section

    08.09.2018 – Concerning the "Technical Standards" a DTD for data transmission in the Judicial Section of the Federal Gazette is available as of now. more

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Publication of annual financial statements - How it works

4 steps to publish your annual financial statements in the Federal Gazette.

Disclosing financial statement documents (PDF 265 kB)

Depositing annual financial statements - How it works

How you deposit your annual financial statements at the Federal Gazette.


Annual financial statements - Small and micro companies

There is an entry form available especially for small companies (in accordance with section 267 para 1 HGB) for the submission of annual financial statements.
Read more:

Entry forms for small businesses (PDF 668 kB)

Micro capital companies (in accordance with section 267a HGB) can use a special entry form for the submission of annual financial statements for depositing at the Federal Gazette.
Read more:

Entry form for depositing invoicing documents (PDF 522 kB)


Documentation, sample templates, programmes and technical standards will help you if you want to publish in the Federal Gazette or in the Company Register.

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