Annual financial statements: publish or deposit?

Annual financial statements: publish or submit?

Based on EU directive 2012/6/EU and the Micro Limited Liability Company-Accounting Change Act (MicroBilG), micro companies have the option of submitting their annual financial statement to the Federal Gazette.

The following applies:

They count as micro limited liability company if they do not exceed 2 of the 3 significant thresholds on 2 subsequent closing deadlines:

  • 350,000 Euro balance sheet total
  • 700,000 Euro in sales revenues
  • an average amount of up to 10 employees

Micro limited liability companies only need to prepare a simplified balance sheet and do not have to amend their annual financial statement with an appendix if certain information is shown in the balance sheet.

Irrespective of size, the following company times may not use the submission option and must publish their annual financial statements:

  • Credit Institute
  • Pension Fund
  • Insurance Company
  • Reinsurance Company
  • External Capital Investment Management Company pursuant to KAGB
  • Holding Company pursuant to UBGG [German Special investment Company Act]
  • Companies which participate in regulated markets

Micro companies of the legal form "Cooperative Societies" may deposit their annual financial statements for fiscal years starting 01 January 2016 or later.

For foreign branch offices with a foreign headquarters (pursuant to §325a or §340 HGB), the legal provisions with the appropriate threshold values in the headquarters’ EU state apply.

If necessary, include guidelines from your statues and/or partnership agreement.

The Bilanz-Navigator, which you can open using the button in the right box, can assist you if you have any questions regarding the form in which you have to publish your annual financial statement.

Please note: The order for submission is made with the Federal Gazette. Order submission must be made via the publication platform ( or via mass interfaces (web service). Submitted annual financial statements are available in the company register for information retrieval purposes. You must be registered and logged in the platforms to commission as well as to retrieve information.




Use our online help regarding the deposit-check. Check here if a publication or deposit is possible for your annual statement.

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